Welcome to the My Mental Age test !

What Is The Mental Age Test ?

Have you ever wanted to know 'what is my mental age ?'. Well now you can. The purpose of this test is simply to work out your Mental Age. We do this by asking you a series of questions and then applying some very clever analysis to your answers. Actually, it's not that clever at all but there's certainly a bit of age testing analysis going on and we'll stick with that. The more questions you answer that fit a certain age group, the more likely you are to fit into that age group.

At the end of the test, you will be given a single number which represents your mental age. It's as simple as that.

Why Should I Want To Know My Mental Age ?

Good question. Only you can answer that and if you are here it's probably because you are interested to find out. We don't know. In fact, we've got no idea at all but what we will say is that it takes only a few minutes and the results may change your life. Or they may not.

There's also the added benefit that you can do something about it. Many people who take the test just want to know how they fit in with life. As you get older, you usually get grumpier. That's not been scientifically proven of course but there's ample evidence to suggest that's the case. Therefore, being grumpy can usually be linked to an increase in mental age. In knowing this, the test can also be used to detect signs of increasing grumpiness. A bit like an early warning system.

Let's say you take the test in 2017. You are 35 and you get a mental age of 35. That's not bad. It shows a maturity towards life and a healthy dose of realism. Then, a year later (we do suggest that you take the test every year), you take the test again and get a mental age of 40 against your real age of 36. This is a warning sign. Your mental age is progressing faster than your actual age. You are heading into what we like to call the danger zone of 'Age Test Shock' (ATS for short).

age test shock A typical reaction when faced with age test shock (Image:123rf/vadymvdrobot)

The solution is simple. You need to get a grip before things get out of hand. Smile more. Try to complain less. It's all in the little things. The situation is usually never out of control (although we have seen some pretty serious cases).

Then, come back and take this test every year. Even twice a year and tell everyone you possibly can about the test to prevent others from the risk of age test shock. It's the only solution.

Why Create This Site ?

Because the people that created it were interested to know if it was possible to devise a simple test that more or less came up with the mental ages of the people that took the test (as decided by their friends and colleagues). We think it's reasonably accurate but results may vary of course.

In reality, of the 5 million times this test has been taken (seriously, 5 million times...) about around 7% or so of people have probably agreed with the results. We'd say that this is a good return but clearly others have different opinions.

Who Created The Mental Age Test ?

TabDesk Micropublishing. We create lots of small websites. Some of which are just a little bit of fun and others, like this one, that are extremely serious and can change people's lives.

We would link to the other websites but we've found out that if we do then certain search engines think we are doing dodgy stuff and we get in trouble. Which is a shame because we aren't and we'd really like you take other tests. We would roll around on the floor and get very upset about it but that would be embarrassing and a sad reflection of our mental age, so we won't. If you want to contact us, then just drop us an email at mail@mymentalage.com.

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that My Mental Age is actually just a bit of fun. It's not scientific and it doesn't provide an accurate way of measuring your mental age.

Enjoy the test !

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun
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